New place to live..😳 totally skint😕

So I get my keys on October 9th 2017  and can move in, don’t get me wrong I am so pleased to have my own place but I totally have no money to decorate and carpet and furnish it .

It’s a studio flat, it has its own walk in shower/toilet and wash hand basin type bathroom and it’s own kitchen.

The lounge is large with a bay window letting in plenty of light and an alcove space for your bedroom area, will need to get some ideas together to try and hide that area 

There is some wardrobe space in the hallway so as I do not possess anything clutter won’t be a problem.

The only downside is the kitchen to put it bluntly it’s minging rotten😫BUT the brilliant thing it is bieng replaced sometime after I move in but that delays any decorating and carpeting till after it is done…why oh why they cannot do it whilst the property is empty defies any logic but hey there attitude is take as is or don’t bother think I’m going to have some to keep my hobby gob closed tight shut.

AND they must have rewired it in the not so distant past and instead of putting the new wiring in to the walls they have surfaced mounted it on the walls and ceilings looks a right mess with plastic trunking on every wall/ceiling surfaces, one good thing is all the walls are covered in wood chip  wallpaper which I can just emulsion over NO fancy wallpaper or features for this skint lady..

When I get the keys I will post some before pictures, I’m going to read all the ads in local Facebook groups and Freecycle and mooch round local charity/recycling places

I need sofa bed cooker fridge and few plates cutlery and kitchen things to start me off ..will keep you updated….



Right have got the keys to my new place, so how do I furnish it with no money, zilch, nada,nowt.

A look at the local Facebook selling pages and Freecycle.

I need a settee chair double bed fridge or fridge freezer washing machine and cooker, well a gal can dream,let’s see what I can find.